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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed Thursday that he is considering selecting Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) as his running mate During an interview with conservative radio talker Hugh Hewitt, the host... [Read More]
Chris Christie's new education funding plan has "fairness" in the title but that doesn't mean it is actually fair. [Read More]
On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a speech that sounded commonsensical. "No child in this state is worth more state aid than another," he ... [Read More]
The New Jersey Senate voted to send legislation that raises the state's minimum wage to $15 over the next five years to Gov. Chris Christie. [Read More]
Despite New Jersey lawmakers' approval of a $15 minimum wage, the bill faces a likely veto by Gov. Chris Christie. In that case, proponents plan to put the decision to voters on the... [Read More]
Gov. Chris Christie targeted the capital city's "failing" school district several times Tuesday during his call for a new state education funding plan. [Read More]
Gov. Chris Christie proposed a new funding formula on Tuesday that would redistribute school aid. Here's how. [Read More]
Gov. Chris Christie was asked Thursday if he felt Democrats were "exploiting ... the events of this past week." [Read More]
It's been exactly a year since Donald Trump rode the escalator down to the lobby of Trump Tower to announce for president. We now see the spectacle of Trump holding the entire Republican... [Read More]
Ryan Lizza wrote a great article on whether the GOP elites will fight back or get on board the Trump train. There was also on piece of very embarrassing information about the original... [Read More]
After a recent, wholly believable revelation in The New Yorker that described Chris Christie as Donald Trump's "manservant," Governor Christie's office has vehemently denied the allegations. Sure, buddy—whatever you say. [Read More]
Chris Christie's June 10 walk along a Jersey Shore boardwalk to kick off the tourism season didn't deviate much from his annual pilgrimages. Visit local businesses. Take selfies. Shake hands. Hold a baby... [Read More]
"You gotta get over there and start making them pay where they live." [Read More]
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Of course, the New York born gunmen lived in Port St. Lucie, Florida when he committed the deadly mass shooting... [Read More]
Lawyers representing the defendants accused of shutting down a bridge as part of an elaborate revenge scheme say Chris Christie—Donald Trump's unpaid intern and the technical governor of New Jersey—destroyed evidence, including a... [Read More]
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Sunday's deadly attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando should prompt an overseas military response. [Read More]
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has fashioned himself as a "confidant" of Donald Trump, serves as more of an assistant, according to a report. [Read More]
This nugget from a piece in the 'New Yorker' paints Chris Christie as a sad sack going on McDonald's runs for Donald Trump. [Read More]
Chris Christie, the sitting governor of New Jersey, has been diminished to an errand boy for Donald Trump's campaign, according to a New Yorker report published online on Monday. Read More →... [Read More]
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No one has played themselves in a more beautifully ironic fashion this election season than New Jersey governor and hopelessly devoted Bruce Springsteen fan Chris Christie, who has mostly abandoned his... [Read More]
Of all the 5,500 words in The New Yorker's recent exploration into the GOP's struggle to accept Donald Trump, two sentences stand out as particularly devastating. Specifically, the sentences in which we learn... [Read More]
The New Yorker described Chris Christie as Donald Trump's "manservant" on the campaign trail. [Read More]
Prominent GOP donor Meg Whitman compared presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and hinted she would be supporting Hillary Clinton, according to a report from ABC News. Whitman... [Read More]
"I liked Martina," the New Jersey governor said... [Read More]
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there has been more violence at Trump campaign stops than anywhere else this election cycle, but – if anyone – is... [Read More]
Christie knows exactly why Donald Trump's attack on a Mexican-American judge was so wrong. But he's defending Trump's bigotry anyway, as a career move. [Read More]
Brian Blanco/Getty Images New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sharply criticized the media Tuesday, telling reporters in Mendham Township that they were giving "too much attention" to Donald Trump's controversial remarks on US District... [Read More]
not his party, the judiciary, or American Muslims... [Read More]
While arriving at a polling place in New Jersey, Chris Christie comments on the remarks Donald Trump made about a judge presiding over his Trump University case. [Read More]
Voters on Tuesday capped a primary season that started with Republican Gov. Chris Christie running for president and ended with wins for presumptive Republican pick Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
We dodged a bullet when Democrats stopped Chris Christie from doing the same. [Read More]
Freeholder Jack Kelly on Friday asked Gov. Chris Christie to withdraw his name for nomination to the NJ Parole Board... [Read More]
Political commentator Helen Aguirre Ferré, the Republican National Committee's new director of Hispanic outreach, has deleted numerous tweets trashing presumptive nominee Donald Trump, including her proclamation that "women & country deserve better" than him. ... [Read More]
Despite Gov. Chris Christie's staunch opposition, a New Jersey senators heads to Colorado to buttress his campaign to legalize marijuana. [Read More]
Lawmakers in New Jersey have sent a measure to Gov. Chris Christie's desk to ban smoking on public beaches and parks. [Read More]
Gov. Chris Christie signed a rescue package Friday that gives this city time to avoid a state takeover, ending more than a year of wrangling over how to save the city. ... [Read More]
Lawmakers in New Jersey have sent a measure to Gov. Chris Christie's desk to ban smoking on public beaches and parks. [Read More]
Lawmakers in New Jersey have sent a measure to Gov. Chris Christie's desk to ban smoking on public beaches and parks. [Read More]

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